Aubrih hugging last night.

Aubrih dancing last night. Super cute!

Aubrih last night.


Rihanna and Abel at Drake concert last night

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Rih at WYLAT tonight

#rihanna flirting with #drake 😘 #aubrih



the anthem


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Don’t you ever get it fucked up

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god damn aubs

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I think Rih is in a really good place right now. She’s more private and is a lot happier so if there is something we won’t hear it from them, But i definitely think it could be something…

I made it so anonymous questions can go to my aubrih blog now

Tbh people are making it out to be more then it is. Drake is very affectionate,notice he hugs and puts his arms around everyone, it’s one of the cutest things about him. Jhene herself said there was noting going on.

She’s not focused on drake she has a daughter to consider and it’s said she has a situation going on anyway.

As shows go on things get switched. I like the order like that!